Friday, July 3, 2009

Kings Island and naps

So here it is, 9:15pm, dark outside... on a FRIDAY. A show us where you live Friday of yards/garages. I don't have a garage, and now my yard is cloaked in darkness! I do have a basement, but who wants to see that? Anyway, I missed show us where you live Friday and I'm bummed! The reason I missed it is because I have been napping :) Yesterday Billy and I went to Kings Island along with my Auntie and sister, Morgan. We also ran into my mom and sisters, Leah and Kayla who also ventured to the park that day! Small world! We were in the park from 10am-10pm and rode the. whole. time. It did not rain one time, although we saw it coming down very hard from the top of a coaster. I'm pretty sure the temperature never reached 80, and I did not sunburn in the slightest! Now, it was a little crowded, but with weather like that the lines did not seem that bad.

All this Kings Island talk brings me to my next topic: the new coaster, Diamondback. It. Was. A-MAZ-ING! The seats are designed so each rider feels like they are on the edge. There is also not a lot else obstructing your view. You sit in a high back chair and a bar thing closes over your lap. Basically it feels like you could fall out. Oh, and I didn't mention that your feet don't reach the floor! You feel weightless if you can get to that point past the sheer terror! ha Here is a picture of the seats:
The first drop of this coaster is crazy scary. Not to mention the ride up to this drop. I believe it was 215 feet or something like that. It made all the other coasters there seem like kiddie rides! Here's the drop:
At the end of the coaster it sprays up water at the back of the coaster. We even rode in the very back on one of our three trips and did not get wet. It does create a mist on the walkways around the ride, which I'm sure will be much appreciated on those super hot days! Here is a picture of the spray:
Pretty cool, huh? We were quite impressed! I urge everybody to go ride this ride. We rode it three times and I would have ridden it again, but it was time for the rides to shut down when we got off!

Today I took Laney to the vet for her one year shots. We were supposed to meet Crystal, Jordan and the little one on the way at a Red's game, but we were just way too tired! We will definitely go up there for a game soon though. We were bummed that we didn't feel like going. We even watched some of the game on TV (which I never do!) We did make it out of the house to walk around the flea market at the Fair and Expo Center, but we both napped afterwards :)

Well bloggers, since I have been napping I now have energy to get into something! Tomorrow is filled with cook-outs and 4th of July celebrating. I hope you all have a happy 4th!


  1. I don't know if I would be able to ride that. I have something about not wanting to feel like I'm about to die that makes me avoid crazy coasters like that...weird I know.

  2. Wow, I would not ride that in a million years. Cheers to your bravery!

  3. I would love to ride that roller coaster! We are hopefully going sometime this summer, but we will see!!! Glad you all had fun. AND - naps are the best!