Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What would I do with $128.6 million?

Funny you should ask, because I'm going to tell you! Evidently someone in Georgetown, KY won this life changing amount of money. Whoever it is, they aren't talking! If it's John and Lacey, I'm hoping they'll let us in on their secret sooner or later... and maybe share just one million of their 128.6! Oh, a girl can dream, right?? So here's just a few things I would do with the money. Keep in mind I would do these things RIGHT AWAY. The more charitable things would come later. Those aren't as much fun to talk about though.

First, I would quit my job. I might not even tell them I was quitting. It would just be understood.
I would buy a beach house with a view like this:

And a couple of these babies...

And this, because I've been drooling over one for a few months now.
Also, season tickets to UK basketball would be awesome!

I would also give my family and close friends enough money to be comfortable. I mean, I can't even imagine how you could spend that much in a lifetime! Billy and I would spend the rest of our days traveling and living STRESS-FREE!

But, in reality, I can't quit my job, won't ever own a beach house or a Mustang Shelby. Possibly I'll have an iPhone soon, but we're still trying to work that out! What would you do with $128.6 million?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Up on the roof there arose such a clatter

As newlyweds, there isn't a whole lot that my husband and myself can do without assistance when it comes to home maintenance and handy work. We have figured out somethings on our own, but the big stuff usually requires assistance. What I'm saying is, we are not professionals... not by a long shot! So when I gave my husband puppy eyes and asked him to hang icicle lights on our house, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. He agreed and we arranged to borrow a ladder. Everything was going according to plan until we actually tried to get started!

First of all, this ladder did not seem very sturdy. I'm sure it was, but I would not have crawled up it. Secondly, the ladder only reached high enough for Billy to climb on the lower part of the roof. This means he would have to walk on the roof to get to the higher part. How he was going to do this and get the lights up, I'll never know! Anyway, long story short, I would not let him climb on the roof! He was making me nervous and he never even climbed above the 4th step.

After we x-ed the icicle lights idea, I remembered I had bought some LED lights after Christmas the previous year. I thought we could just put those in our bushes and put out the light up reindeer. That would look good right? Right. I go get these lights, and I realized that I bought the 'mini' strands. They are only 4 feet long. We have 5 big bushes. Not even one tiny strand per bush! X that idea too. If you're keeping count that is the second 'x-ed' idea in less than 30 minutes.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to save Christmas and salvage what's left of my hope of having lights outside for the first time! We have two trees in our yard. One is a huge 20 feet tall Bradford Pear or something. The other is a 4 foot tall, half dead, Japanese Maple (or something). Guess which one ended up wrapped in 'mini' LED lights?!

Did you guess right? These pictures are way too dark to tell, but the tiny tree got wrapped in lights. I think it turned out ok, but definitely not great. It's a solid showing for our first time, but there is room for improvement! Here are some more dark picture of the outside decorations!

This wreath is white with pink, green and purple ornament balls on it. I just love it!

My Dad made this snowman cut out for me a couple of years ago. It's painted on a big piece of wood. LOVE!

The goal for this year was to put out Christmas lights, and we accomplished it! We even got the set up on a timer! I'm so impressed! The goal for next year is to get the icicle lights up... somehow.

FREE computer?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas with the Duncans

I've shown you my trees, now it's time to show you the rest of the decorations! My favorite thing about having a fireplace is getting to decorate it for Christmas. It's easily my favorite thing about the fireplace because we have never lit it and it is really just in the way the rest of the year!If that doesn't look like Christmas I don't know what does!
*Please ignore the printer sitting in the bottom right of the photo and the dog toy on the bottom left* Thanks.

Maybe you've seen something like the tree on the left? It's an antique that a few people in my family have. I had admired/stared at this one that was my dad's all season last year and wouldn't you know he gave it to me! I'm not sure why, but I just love it! The snowmen on the right sing some silly song about eating too much. It's cute.Nothing says Christmas like a fiber optic village!That little guy on the bottom appears to be getting smashed!And last but not least, the reason for the season! There are scripture verses written on all the figures.

In an upcoming post I will show you our outside Christmas lights! I am so proud that we actually got some up this year! 'Tis the season!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The temperature is finally dropping, Starbucks is serving holiday coffees and I have been shopping like a crazy person! It must be getting close to Christmas!! (although, the shopping like a crazy person has been known to happen when it wasn't Christmas) I love Christmas because I like to drive by and look at Christmas lights or snuggle up and watch a Christmas movie. Also, Christmas is just a great time of year! A lot of happy memories I have center around the holidays and I am always so excited to get together with family and friends for celebrations. Another thing I love about Christmas is dragging out all the decorations and making my house feel more like a home. The house just feels cozier when the Christmas decorations are out! I would have put them up in early November, but Billy would not allow it! Without further ado... here are some shots of the indoor decor!

This is our main tree that is in our living room. Our tree doesn't have a theme because when I was growing up our trees were always full of hand made ornaments and other sentimental ones we gathered over the years. I do think themed trees are beautiful, but for my tree I stuck with what I know!
Most of our ornaments were given to us, or we bought them for each other. The white and red one was made by my grandmother.

And of course we'd have Superman flying around on our tree!

Our second tree is in the dining room. I wanted a tree that could be seen from outside, so that is how it ended up in there! It has red lights and poinsettias instead of ornaments. Possibly that was too much red, but when I bought the stuff the day after Christmas last year it sounded like a good idea. I'm not so sure that I like it, but it's staying for now! It also needs something on top. I think a star would look weird... maybe a huge poinsettia?! haha

I have to say, the big tree that is in the living room is a dream to put up. It is 3 pieces, pre-lit... pure joy! The tree in the dining room, I found out this year, is one where you put each branch in individually. WHAT?! I did not know they still made these! It was not fun. If you don't already have a tree that puts itself up, I highly recommend purchasing one. The day after Christmas, of course!