Friday, July 24, 2009

Virtual vacay

No, I'm not in Ft Lauderdale. This is a picture message I received from the hubby one day this week while I was working OT. I was sitting at my desk, slaving away and he was taking a stroll on the beach!! Before you freak, he didn't abandon me for a bachelor vacation. He has been traveling this week for work. Being the lucky dog that he is, he has been traveling in Florida about 20 miles from the primo spot where this picture was taken! He felt he should send me a message because he knows how much I love the beach. He really wasn't trying to rub it in, but it sure felt that way when I was in my 10th hour of work that particular day! Anyway, my hubby returns home today and I'm pretty excited! I sure have missed that crazy guy :)


  1. aww - what a stinker! he is lucky! i am glad he will be home tonight...i usually end up getting scared when i am home alone for the night! i'm a chicken!

  2. He has been gone since Monday. This is the second trip he's had to go on since we've been married. The first time I was scared, but this time I've been fine. I do feel much better when he is home though!

  3. i'm jealous of him!!! i want to adjudicate disability claims on the beach! haha :)