Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little too close to home

On Tuesday, Billy and I were told that the house two doors down from us was broken into and robbed during the day on Monday.  I mean, there is only one house between my house and the house that was robbed!  When Billy told me, I immediately got nauseous.  I can't bear the thought of coming home and knowing that some stranger had been in my house, let alone stealing my stuff!  And our fur babies would be here all alone and scared or maybe they'd run away?  I can't even think about it!

We both feel like we live in a good area and we still feel safe here, pretty much... but it is just something else to worry about, ya know?  We talked to the guy who's house was broken into and he said he's lived here for 22 years and has never had any problems.  He was pretty shaken up about it, which made me feel selfish for thinking of the possibility of a break in when he had an actual break in.

I'm not sure why I'm blogging this, but I obviously cannot stop thinking about it so it just came out.  I guess I'm just wondering when I won't worry everytime we leave the house and when I'll feel safe staying here by myself again. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday night ramblings

It's Sunday night after a semi-busy weekend.  Both dogs are asleep on the couch... 
One more gracefully than the other :)

And all I can think about is going somewhere warm FAST, as in yesterday!  I am pretty sick of the cold and definitely sick of the snow.  I believe the Ville is supposed to get snow tonight or tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.  I try not to watch the weather too closely these days because I just cannot take it!  We are going to Daytona FL in August and I just keep telling myself it will warm up soon.... not soon enough for me.

On a brighter note, I've lost 6lbs in the last 3 weeks and I'm pretty excited!  I weigh in tomorrow morning and I'd be surprised if I lost anything this week because I've been cheating, but I just need to keep myself on track for the long term.  I've set up some goals for myself and I still feel pretty motivated.  I enjoy going to the gym so I've been able to go at least 3 and sometimes 4 times a week which I'm happy with.  I'll update my progress as it's made!

Today I had a lia sophia jewelry party.  I always have such a good time when the girls get together!  My friends are spread out all over KY so it was mostly family and a friend from work, but we had a good time.  I made a veggie pizza that looked really similar to this one.
It was really yummy, and not too bad for you.  Email me if you'd like the recipe I used, or this link is pretty similar.  I also made my signature Buffalo Chicken Dip which I'm sure I've posted about before.  I know a lot of people dread those parties like Pampered Chef and others but I really like them!

If you've made it this far in my post, I applaud you.  I just felt like rambling tonight before I pass out like my doggies on the couch!  Here's to a great week for all of you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

In which we travel to Knoxville, Lexington, Frankfort and the movies

I have thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend!  Saturday, the hubs and I ventured to Knoxville, TN to go to the Tennessee vs. Vandy game.  This was our second game at TN, our second game TN was not supposed to win, and our second game that they did win!  I think we are a good luck charm!  We got up pretty early on Saturday and drove down for the game.  After the game we went to a mall in Knoxville and took our time coming back home.  We even made a pit stop in Lexington so that Billy could visit Half-Price Books, his current obession.
We parked in a lot that was pretty far away from the arena because last year we parked at the closest lot and ended up being stuck for at least an hour.  We didn't mind walking and we didn't hit any traffic trying to leave.  The only problem was that we weren't exactly sure where the arena was so once we found it we had to walk ALL the way around!  I did snap the photo above on our sight-seeing walk, so it wasn't all a loss.


Because ESPN Game Day was at TN and because they were playing Vandy, the game was almost a sell-out.  We were crammed in there like sardines!  I did manage to get a picture of us that isn't too terrible.  You'll notice that I'm not wearing orange!  Last year I wore some of Billy's TN stuff and I just felt like an impostor!  I was scared I was going to be struck by lightening!  This year, I opted for neutral colors.  You better believe I cheered for those Vols, though!  I really do want TN to win, unless they're playing my Wildcats, obviously.

On Sunday I went to Frankfort to visit with baby Jackson and Crystal.  Apparently he has been fussy lately because he has acid reflux problems.   I don't believe a word of it, though because he was the sweetest thing while I was there! I got to feed him a couple times and hold him a while.  He fussed a little while I was there, but what baby doesn't!  I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy holding and squeezing his chubby cheeks!  I can't wait until he is toddling around so I can spoil him rotten! 

Today, I had a dentist appointment with NO CAVITIES! :)  Billy and I ran some errands and went to the gym.  We also finally found time to see Black Swan.  I really, really liked it!  It was super weird, but not really scary.  Parts were pretty freaky, but I did like it.

Now, B and I are winding down from our exciting weekend with some laundry and college basketball.  I hope this week goes by fast since it's a short one!  Never seems to work out that way though!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Billy and I rang in the new year with some great friends.  Lacey and John and Jennifer and Danny came over for game night and some serious Dick Clark watching!  We have concluded that he is a robot.  We felt so bad for him, but once again, he weirded us all out!

We also ate some good food! There was Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pinwheels, Sausage Balls, Cheese Ball, Cheese Sticks and Red Velvet Cake.  Oh, and there was wine and punch! haha  We all had a great time playing games and chatting.

The only pictures taken were at the very end of the night... yuck.  Anyway, here they are.

Lacey, me and Jennifer

Jennifer and me

I have made some new year's resolutions.  I make them every year, but I usually just make one and it is almost always the same.... lose weight! Sometimes I have succeeded and other times I have not.  This year there is no doubt in my mind that I will succeed!!

My other resolutions are to be more positive and visit at least one place I've never been.  Hopefully I will keep all of them.  2010 was a great year but I am ready to start 2011!  Good thing, because it is here!  Tomorrow I go back to work after being off since the Wednesday before Christmas and I'm starting my diet and gym routine!  Please pray for me!!