Friday, June 26, 2009

Shows Us Where You Live Friday

It's my first show us where you live Friday! This is a little something hosted by Kelly, another blog I have been reading. I'm excited! Actually, I'm only excited because I had pictures of the master bedroom, the room of the day, on my computer already. (This means I didn't have to pick up the room, take pictures or load them to my computer!

I love our master bedroom. The furniture is my high school graduation gift from my grandmother. I picked it out 5 years ago and I still really like it. The walls are red, which I've seen people trash on those design shows, but it is way more interesting than a boring color. I would insert the colors I think are boring, but I don't want to offend anyone who may like those colors! Ok, enough talking. On with the pics!

Since the above picture was taken we have moved the nightstand, centered the bed on the wall and added two cubes above the bed for alarms clocks and cell phones. The door on the left is the master bathroom and the door to the right is out into the hall way.

Now in that empty space to the right of the TV is the dresser and mirror. We still don't have a window treatment. I just haven't found any that go with the quilt and mood of the room. Who am I kidding? I haven't really looked hard at all. If anybody knows of any, let me know!

I love signs like this. There is one in almost every room of the house, which you would know if I had been participating in this little blog world for very long! I'll get pictures up of the rest of the house soon. Anyway, this sign says "Always kiss me goodnight"... and he does :)

Here are the his and her closets. I really don't understand how people stay married without separate closets! I highly recommend two closets. (Those of you who know me and Billy can probably guess whose closet is hanging wide open in this picture and always)

Well that's it folks! Hopefully you all enjoyed the tour of my master bedroom! Next week is garages and yards. I would love to get pictures up of my flowers, but we'll just see how that goes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Currently it is 85degrees outside and my car told me it was 102 when I left work at 5:30 today, but blogging friends, I am chilly willy in my house! The AC has been fixed!! Turns out the motor was just worn out. Not too pricey, but not cheap either. I am thankful we got it fixed so fast! I don't think I could have made it much longer without air! Actually, it was bearable in the living room, but the rest of the house was quite steamy.

On to other news. Michael Jackson died! I used to love his music. He was a great entertainer and he will be missed! I used to jam to his music on tape all the time. Once, I put one of his tapes into the tape player of my mom's car. For some reason it was stuck in there and that stereo would automatically play a tape if it was turned on and one was in. You couldn't listen to the radio as long as a tape was in the player. I loved it I'm sure, but I'm guessing my mom didn't appreciate the endless MJ music! Sorry Mom! Did that tape ever come out? I don't remember!

Well tomorrow is Friday and I am already looking forward to getting the weekend started!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat advisory

So as you can see from the picture, my air conditioner is on fire. Just kidding, it isn't on fire. Actually the opposite, kind of.

Here's the story. We get home around 8:00pm last night and it was hot in our house. Anybody who knows Billy at all knows this was immediately noticed and a major problem! We go to the thermostat and it is 80 degrees. That means the lower level of the house was 80. The upstairs was more like a million. Anyway, we venture to the basement to see what is going on to find out that the furnace has frozen. This happened some last summer too, but we aren't sure why. I went and picked up a new AC filter thinking that would help because it has before. We change the filter and leave the AC off until 10 or so giving it some time to thaw. Meanwhile every fan in the house is on and we are confined to the living room. Oh, and forget about using the stove, dishwasher, etc. So about 10:30 we realize the AC is not working and must still be frozen. We turn it off again and decide to just leave it off all night so we won't do damage that can't be fixed by thawing.

Leaving it off all night seemed like a good idea, but let me tell you, it was one hot night. And not in a good way! ha! We slept on our couch to stay on the lower level, which was sleep-able but not great. Add to that the dog in the middle of the couch and Billy's tendency to kick/punch/do ninja moves in his sleep and the heat. It was a crazy night! I thought once I fell asleep I would be fine, but no. Way hot. All. Night. Of course if I was hot, we all know Billy must have been way more miserable. I won't even go into that! haha

So currently, the AC is still off at the house. We are both at work (I'm blogging at work because I am still trying to cool down so I can concentrate!) and poor Laney is in her crate probably wondering why her mommy and daddy don't love her! If we get home and turn it on and it doesn't start working we are going to assume it is broken and probably go to my MIL's house. We aren't proud! Power outage or AC breaking are both legit excuses to flee to someone's house :) I'll keep you updated on this breaking story.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not me Monday

So this is a little something I have uncovered in my blog stalking, I mean reading. Not Me Monday! I got this from reading the blog of MckMama. Her adorable little family is a lot of fun to read about and I have prayed a prayer or two for her sweet baby Stellan. Check it out when you get a chance! I think this not me monday thing is great and I can't wait to get started on my list!

I did not have a moment of pure bliss when I walked into work at 8am to find the phone system down. And I most certainly did not cringe when all of sudden my phone rang at 10:30am! That hour and half was probably the most productive of my whole day due to the absence of annoying phone calls. (I mean completely necessary phone calls, of course)

I did not spend a good portion of my day thinking of things to put on this, my first Not Me Monday post! I did not even have the urge to write them down as I thought of them. (Promise I didn't do that)

I would never neglect my messy kitchen for the 120549372 time. The dishes can wait, right? :)

I did not eat rice and cheese at my fav-o-rite mexican restaurant tonight. And I did NOT have a margarita on the rocks with two funny funny ladies!

I did not cause said margarita to come out of said lady's nose. I would never do that. And I didn't even laugh when it turns out she was ok!

I did not, and I repeat, did not take my wall calendar to the restaurant because date planning was going to occur and I do not have a portable planner. I also did not lay this BEAGLE wall calendar on the table for the entire meal. HA

And since I was so good today, I'll have to mix things up a little tomorrow!

Here is a picture of me and my hubby about a year ago on our wedding day. If you couldn't already tell, the process of getting pictures from my camera to my computer is somewhat difficult so I will be sharing oldies, but goodies for a bit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm a blogger...

So, I have a confession. I have (and will continue) been reading blogs of friends, and blogs of people I have never met. When I say reading I mean that I log on once a day to see if these people have updated! When I'm bored at work sometimes I will just try to find a random blog to read to pass a few minutes. I tell you all this to say that I finally caved and decided to start my own blog so that I may entertain some bored worker, and to get it off my chest that I may be a blog stalker :) An added bonus is that I get to blog about my life. Some might find it boring, but they don't have to read!

I guess in this post I will tell you a little about myself and my life. My name is Shannon and I live in Louisville, KY. I moved here from Frankfort/Lexington, KY when I married my best friend, Billy in June of 2008. I graduated from Transylvania University and Billy graduated from U of L. (Don't worry. He isn't a UofL fan!) I guess I should say here that I am a UK fan and Billy is a TN fan. Billy and I both work for the state in different departments. We have the best dog in the world, Laney. She is the calmest Beagle you will ever meet. Her favorite thing is to lounge on the couch, which is good because Billy and I can do some serious couch lounging! I like to read and I'm always open to suggestions for my next book. I also like to scrapbook, but I haven't done it much lately. Billy lives to play softball and for superman! Anybody who knows him already knew both those things! We have a lot of fun and hopefully I can remember the fun to write about in my blog!

Soon I will post pictures of our house, but for now I will leave you pictures of my little family!

Here is Laney, the beagle

Me and the hubby