Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello, lover.

What am I in love with? (Well, other than my husband, of course.) My brand new dishwasher! I'm not sure if you all are aware, but the Duncan household has been without a dishwasher for a full year! Luckily, I finally convinced Billy that his life would be much happier if we had a dishwasher. Mostly because I'll have one less thing to complain about! HA! Without further ado, I'd like you to meet my new love :)
That's her!

Or one very similar. It's a Whirlpool with some buttons and an Energy Star rating. I mean, shouldn't we all try to buy Energy Star at this point? I was surprised to discover while shopping that not all appliances are Energy Star! Anyway.

Sunday the hubs and I traveled to Lowe's to pick out my new baby. We had shopped around and Lowe's seemed to have the best prices. We picked her out and paid and scheduled a delivery for Monday! I was so excited! Who knew I could get so pumped about an appliance?? We then came home and unhooked the old dishwasher/bane of my existence. We got pretty far, but eventually had to call for help! Once help arrived it was unhooked in minutes. I'd like to think it was because of all our hard prep work, but probably not!

Monday arrived and I was anxiously awaiting the delivery. (Doesn't it sound like I'm talking about a baby?? lol) The guy called and said he'd be by within 20 minutes. COUNT DOWN! He arrived as promised and delivered the new guy and took the old one. I mentioned on twitter or facebook that I almost hugged him I was so happy! He may or may not have approved, we'll never know! Billy's uncle Bryan, aka life-saver, came over and hooked it up (after a run by yours truly to Home Depot for a part that wasn't included.) We're still having some small leaking issues, but hopefully we've fixed it with our last try! So sorry this post is so long about a dishwasher! I guess you'd have to understand how very much I despise washing dishes by hand to understand my excitement. :D

On a side note, I'm watching the Texas (1) vs Kansas St (9) game right now and Kansas St is up! I hope they hold out for the win! I'm SO glad college basketball is exciting again! It's all thanks to my CATS! Let's all say a little cheer for Kansas St!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in review

January 2009: We got hard wood flooring in our dining room after owning the house for a full year! Embarrassing that we waited so long, but it was necessary! Also, the ice storm. OH THE ICE STORM. Most of Billy's family was without power for 3-5 days or longer. Luckily we didn't lose power, but our backyard looked like an ice forest.

February 2009: We celebrated Valentine's Day I'm sure. I think I remember driving around Louisville trying to find a restaurant with a wait under 2 hours. We failed! We ate ice cream for dinner instead and drove to Frankfort to pick up my car! I also bought my car this month, a 2005 Volkswagen Passat. She is a beauty!

March 2009: I don't remember anything from this month. I'm sure it was just great! haha

April 2009: I turned 23! We celebrated with friends and family.

May 2009: High school five year class reunion. OMG do I feel old! This was maybe in June, I can't remember!

June 2009: Billy turned 29. Our one year anniversary was also in June. We spent a day at Huber's Orchard and Winery, complete with a wine tasting! We bought a gas grill together as our gift. So worth it! Our air conditioner also broke this month. Possibly the hottest week of the year. What a bummer! Here we are at Huber's.

July 2009: Alex and I hosted a paintball wedding party for Lacey and John. It was quite possibly the best wedding shower ever! If you missed it, you truly missed out!

August 2009: Flooding in Louisville!! Luckily our house and the houses of our family members were spared. Downtown where we work, not so lucky! This month I also became an official state employee since my one year probation was up. We took a short trip to Gatlinburg, TN with Crystal and Jordon.

September 2009: Lacey and John were wed on 9/19/09. Before the wedding, there was the bachelorette party!!

October 2009: I went on a girl's vacation to Panama City Beach, FL with some women in my family. We lounged on the beach in 80 degree weather while Billy froze at home with weather in the 50's! Billy and I also ventured to Florence, KY to visit with Crystal and Jordon and attend their Halloween party. We went dressed as an old man and woman. On Halloween night my car was egged and our pumpkins were smashed. GREAT!

November 2009: New Moon was released and I went to a midnight showing with my SIL and a couple of her friends! I hadn't laughed as hard as we did at dinner in a good minute! Thanksgiving was also this month and it felt like our celebrations lasted for 3 days!

December 2009: During Christmas we opened too many presents and ate too much good food, but got the most enjoyment out of giving to others. I got a digital camera (Kodak MD81) that I am in love with, along with money to get my windows tinted and a start on my very own Mustang fund! Billy got TN basketball tickets, clothes, and money as well. New Year's Eve Lacey and John came over for a game night complete with Twilight Scene It that I got for Christmas :)

Our 2009 was busy, but blessed for sure! We are so lucky to be surrounded with our friends and family. My new year's resolution is to lose weight. I know it's cliche, but it needs to happen! I'm doing it healthy by exercising and eating right. I'm setting goals that I haven't set in stone yet, but I am excited to get started! Here's to making each moment count in 2010!