Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy weekend

I'm not sure how the weather was in your area, but in Louisville it was perfect!  The hubs played softball in Ohio this weekend so I had a whole weekend to myself with NO PLANS!  It was perfection. 

On Saturday I slept in and spent some time with the dogs.  When I finally got out of the house I went to the gym, grocery store and Family Video.  I tried to rent movies from Redbox, but the movies I wanted weren't there.  Does anybody know if Redbox gets movies later or maybe this one was just out of those movies?  Anyway, I rented two movies and watched them both!  I also made homemade pizza and it was so good that I made another one for Billy tonight!  The movies I rented were
Love and Other Drugs was a really good movie.  There was a lot of nudity, but I guess it was part of the story.  If the nudity wouldn't bother you, I recommend it!  Life As We Know It was also good, but definitely more light-hearted.  I really like Katherine Heigl and she was good in this movie.

Today I didn't sleep in, but I pretty much just laid around!  I did walk the dogs and make it to the grocery and I plan on doing laundry.  This relaxing weekend combined with the beautiful weather has re-energized me!  Don't ya just love spring?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Better Safe Than Sorry

In my previous post I vented about a recent break-in a couple doors down.  Billy and I have discussed things and shuffled things in our budget.  As I type a security system is being installed!  I hate that we are doing this, but I really just don't feel safe.  Especially if Billy is out of town... no way I'm staying here!  Hopefully this security system will give me a little security!

In other news, Megan at In This Wonderful Life is hosting a Lisa Leonard giveaway.  I know my future mommy friends will be interested in this!

I'll do more fun blog posts soon!  Happy Monday!