Monday, July 20, 2009

Love is in the air

This weekend was crazy busy with wedded bliss. It started on Saturday with my cousin, Brittany's wedding. I was guest book attendant, in all my smiling, "Hello, how are you? Would you like to sign the guest book?" glory! Their wedding was seriously the most entertaining wedding ever. The bride and groom had microphones on, and they wrote their own vows. Brittany sang a surprise song, which brought nearly everyone to tears, including herself and her hubby-to-be. I wish I had a video to link to so everybody could see how excited these two really were. When they were announced husband and wife I'm pretty sure I remember Brittany jumping up and down. It truly was a beautiful wedding! I wish them all the best in their new life! Oh, and by the way, Brittany and I were born the same day although she is a few hours older. She won't hesitate to point that out either!

Saturday was spent getting ready for the wedding shower Alex (
Cindy Crawford) and I threw for Lacey and John. Sunday was the big day, and it was a blast! We didn't have as many turn out as we originally thought, but we had a good group (but way too much food)! This party may be a little different than you might think. First off, it was in a field that had just been bush hogged the day before. There were even a few piles of random materials piled up nearby. Second, and most important there was paintball! We played bride's team vs groom's team. The bride's team was mostly girls, and we put up a good fight! I will say someone brought their own paintball gun, and it hurt exponentially more than the rented paintball guns. That person will remain nameless for their protection! haha

All the girls were very nervous about playing paintball for the first time. We spent about half an hour waiting on Paintball Dave. The whole time we were freaking out about whether it would hurt, whether we would be any good, and whether we would even be able to shoot the gun for fear of being shot ourselves!

Here is 'team bride.' I made sashes to designate teams, since we were mostly all amateur paintballers. Lacey's says "bridezilla," Alex's says "Britney Spears," Afton's says "Hurricane," Tory (Lacey's friend from work) says "Captain Chaos," mine says "sharp shooter," and Brittany's says "Sarah Palin." I had a good laugh making all those at 1am Sunday morning!

The picture to the right is 'team groom.' Please notice John's tuxedo hat! I don't exactly remember the names of all these boys, but some of their sashes say Buzz Lightyear (Bubba), K-Fed (to go with Britney Spears), Colonel Sanders, Soulja Boy, Flava Flav, and John's says Groomzilla of course!

This is Afton, Brittany and Lacey with their paintball gear. Pumped and ready to go!

Everybody getting ready to go paintball.
This is us right after coming off the paintball field. We were paint splattered and hot! (Also we were pumped up because we won the last game thanks to a sneak attack from Bridezilla!)

After paintball we joined the non-paintballers and had a cookout complete with burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, fruit salad, mac-n-cheese and cake! Here is my attempt at a paintball wedding cake :)

I hope you all had a wonderfully busy weekend as great as mine. Today at work I was exhausted, but it was well worth it to celebrate John and Lacey's upcoming wedding! PS. Ladies, now it's time to start getting excited about the Bachelorette weekend! (Sept 11-13th) Don't say I didn't give you advanced notice:)


  1. Aw. Sounds like such a fun weekend. The cake is cute! I have always wanted to do paintball but I'm scared I would suck at it. Maybe not, I was always good at lazer tag...

    I'm sad about the bachelorette weekend. We will be in STL for a Cardinals game! :(

  2. SO MUCH FUN! And for the record, paintballs didn't hurt that bad all except for Buzz Lightyear's special gun that left a nice red-bruise type thing on my rib.

  3. I agree. The regular guns didn't hurt too bad. Buzz Lightyear's gun was ridiculous, but then again so is he! I have two spots, which could possibly both be from Buzz himself. One on my collar bone and one on my back. They both looks like hickies, but they aren't!

  4. Aww I'm sorry we weren't able to come! It looks like you all had fun! I might be able to guess who Buzz is?!? The food sounds great and you did great on the cake and sashes! We are hosting our euchre club the weekend of the bach party! :( you better take lots of pictures! Less than 2 months til the big day! Exciting!!!!