Friday, June 26, 2009

Shows Us Where You Live Friday

It's my first show us where you live Friday! This is a little something hosted by Kelly, another blog I have been reading. I'm excited! Actually, I'm only excited because I had pictures of the master bedroom, the room of the day, on my computer already. (This means I didn't have to pick up the room, take pictures or load them to my computer!

I love our master bedroom. The furniture is my high school graduation gift from my grandmother. I picked it out 5 years ago and I still really like it. The walls are red, which I've seen people trash on those design shows, but it is way more interesting than a boring color. I would insert the colors I think are boring, but I don't want to offend anyone who may like those colors! Ok, enough talking. On with the pics!

Since the above picture was taken we have moved the nightstand, centered the bed on the wall and added two cubes above the bed for alarms clocks and cell phones. The door on the left is the master bathroom and the door to the right is out into the hall way.

Now in that empty space to the right of the TV is the dresser and mirror. We still don't have a window treatment. I just haven't found any that go with the quilt and mood of the room. Who am I kidding? I haven't really looked hard at all. If anybody knows of any, let me know!

I love signs like this. There is one in almost every room of the house, which you would know if I had been participating in this little blog world for very long! I'll get pictures up of the rest of the house soon. Anyway, this sign says "Always kiss me goodnight"... and he does :)

Here are the his and her closets. I really don't understand how people stay married without separate closets! I highly recommend two closets. (Those of you who know me and Billy can probably guess whose closet is hanging wide open in this picture and always)

Well that's it folks! Hopefully you all enjoyed the tour of my master bedroom! Next week is garages and yards. I would love to get pictures up of my flowers, but we'll just see how that goes.


  1. Hi :) I found you on Kelly's Korner, Show Us Where You Live! I noticed you and I have the same sign above our bed. Very cute master bedroom! I'm orginally from Louisville, Ky but I now live in NC! Welcome to the blog world, I'm new too!

  2. I saw that same sign about a week ago and I told Ryan we had to come back to get it once we were all moved in! I'm excited you are doing this and I cant wait to see the rest of your home! Once we get things all moved in I will have to do the same!

  3. I have the sign in my house too lol, you did a great job, thank you for sharing.

  4. I love your all's bedroom! We have a sign that is smaller in our bedroom, but says that! We love little signs like that and have them all over our house too! Hope you all had fun at game night this weekend!!! :)