Monday, August 3, 2009

Puppy tales

This week we are doggy-sitting for one of our favorite pooches! Her name is Harley and she is my mother-in-law's dog. We always dog-sit for my MIL when she's away and she does the same for us. While we love doing her a favor, we also love having Harley here! Laney and Harley play very well together and I feel like Laney could use some social interaction.Meet Harley, the spunky, wild, crazy, attention hogging Boston Terrier! This picture is from a while ago, but she still looks the same. I remember taking this picture and Billy and I joking about how ugly she was! I guess she grows on you because I don't think that anymore. Now I believe that she is so ugly she's cute! Her favorite things to do are lick your face, arm, feet (as she is now to me until I wiggle them) or her all time favorite, Laney's ears! GROSS! I know. Billy and I try to make her stop but she is fast! She's also a champion cuddler and will just crawl under the covers with you. She cries every morning when we have to put her in her cage to leave for work. She's such a drama queen! She has more energy than any dog I've ever seen. This is my favorite picture of Laney. I think she has such a cute face and this just captures it! Her floppy ears also make this a cute picture. She is a very laid back dog. By laid back, I mean when we first got her Billy said "If I would have wanted a dead dog, I would have gotten one." LOL She basically lounges on the couch with us, eats, sleeps and goes outside for short intervals. During that lounging she likes to snuggle up next to us and she LOVES to be petted non-stop. I think she may be a little spoiled, but I'm not sure who is to blame. Most definitely not me! She loves to go on walks and that is the only time you'll see her excited for more than 5 minutes. We actually took both girls on a walk tonight and it was a disaster! They kept getting tangled, barked at other dogs, and were just generally wild and crazy. I'm sure they had fun though and that's all that matters!

So if you're wondering what I'm doing this week, I'm probably feeding, letting out or loving on some doggies!


  1. they are cute! looks like you have your paws full this week... ;)

  2. aw!! I can't wait until the boys are older and we get a dog!