Monday, August 24, 2009

Not ME Monday!

I think today is as good a day as any to complete a ‘Not me Monday’ post like MckMama! Mondays are just so perfect for a list such as this one. I wish Mondays could be eradicated from all our lives. It really is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your life!

I did not spend a good portion of the last week trying to think of ways to get out of my upcoming jury duty. Since I did not do that, I haven’t been able to come up with any good ones… I’m open to suggestions!

I did not spend an embarrassing amount of time on Farmtown last week. I will not do it again. I totally will! It’s addicting!

I did not bribe my husband into doing laundry by saying I would pick him up a ‘surprise’ when I went grocery shopping. (surprise = candy bar) Lucky for me it did not work! ;)

I did not work 9 hours of overtime last week to pay for a Coach purse I most certainly did not buy while on our trip to Gatlinburg. It was outlet prices people! Give me a break!

I did not stray from my diet once again while at a family get together. Oh forget it, YES I did and it was gooood!

Based on the diet straying, I did not only lose 1 measly pound this week! Hey, one is better than none, right? My goal for the week is to start running or using the elliptical. We’ll see. Ha

My brother did not start his first day of college today, and my youngest sister does not turn 11 this Friday! I’m really in denial about both of these things.

I did not spend a good chunk of time this morning day dreaming about lounging on the beach! I love my job, remember? And I probably will not continue the day dreaming after lunch!


  1. You did not do a lot of things last week. Billy doing the laundry? I love it! I wanna see this Coach purse. And, wish you were here at the beach. It is great. hehe! Don't kill me! ;)

  2. I dont bribe Ryan to do things either! haha! Chocolate never works for him ;)

  3. i never do ANY of the things on your list! haha :)