Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday night ramblings

It's Sunday night after a semi-busy weekend.  Both dogs are asleep on the couch... 
One more gracefully than the other :)

And all I can think about is going somewhere warm FAST, as in yesterday!  I am pretty sick of the cold and definitely sick of the snow.  I believe the Ville is supposed to get snow tonight or tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.  I try not to watch the weather too closely these days because I just cannot take it!  We are going to Daytona FL in August and I just keep telling myself it will warm up soon.... not soon enough for me.

On a brighter note, I've lost 6lbs in the last 3 weeks and I'm pretty excited!  I weigh in tomorrow morning and I'd be surprised if I lost anything this week because I've been cheating, but I just need to keep myself on track for the long term.  I've set up some goals for myself and I still feel pretty motivated.  I enjoy going to the gym so I've been able to go at least 3 and sometimes 4 times a week which I'm happy with.  I'll update my progress as it's made!

Today I had a lia sophia jewelry party.  I always have such a good time when the girls get together!  My friends are spread out all over KY so it was mostly family and a friend from work, but we had a good time.  I made a veggie pizza that looked really similar to this one.
It was really yummy, and not too bad for you.  Email me if you'd like the recipe I used, or this link is pretty similar.  I also made my signature Buffalo Chicken Dip which I'm sure I've posted about before.  I know a lot of people dread those parties like Pampered Chef and others but I really like them!

If you've made it this far in my post, I applaud you.  I just felt like rambling tonight before I pass out like my doggies on the couch!  Here's to a great week for all of you!


  1. Of course, I read the whole thing! Bet ya can't wait to go to the beach...I agree it'd be nice to go now! I didn't even know it was supposed to snow last looks like just enough to make the roads slippery! I saw a sign that said only 9 weeks til Spring! yay! Great job on the gym and the weight loss! You go girl! :)

  2. Buffalo Chicken dip sounds so good! I think I'm going to make it for a super bowl party we're going too!
    I love home parties because it's girl time!