Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little too close to home

On Tuesday, Billy and I were told that the house two doors down from us was broken into and robbed during the day on Monday.  I mean, there is only one house between my house and the house that was robbed!  When Billy told me, I immediately got nauseous.  I can't bear the thought of coming home and knowing that some stranger had been in my house, let alone stealing my stuff!  And our fur babies would be here all alone and scared or maybe they'd run away?  I can't even think about it!

We both feel like we live in a good area and we still feel safe here, pretty much... but it is just something else to worry about, ya know?  We talked to the guy who's house was broken into and he said he's lived here for 22 years and has never had any problems.  He was pretty shaken up about it, which made me feel selfish for thinking of the possibility of a break in when he had an actual break in.

I'm not sure why I'm blogging this, but I obviously cannot stop thinking about it so it just came out.  I guess I'm just wondering when I won't worry everytime we leave the house and when I'll feel safe staying here by myself again. 


  1. So scary! I would be a wreck too!

  2. Oh my! I would be freaking out too!! My Dad's house was broken in to Nov of our JR year of college and they took EVERYTHING (tvs off the wall, game systems, all kinds of Christmas gifts that were both wrapped and unwrapped, ect.) It was really scary that someone could do that! Right after that they put in an alarm system. I honestly think those offer a huge comfort! Maybe you could look into one of those to help ease your fears?!

  3. Ahh...that's scary!! Maybe its time to invest in an alarm system?