Friday, October 9, 2009


I am leaving for the beach tomorrow morning at 5:30am! I haven't been meaning to keep this a secret, but I realized today that I hadn't mentioned it yet... so surprise! I have been looking forward to this since we planned it way back in July!! My dad's family knows someone who recently bought a house in Panama City, Florida and they only rent to family and friends. SO, the women in my dad's family decided to take a little ladies vacay! Billy was actually invited, but he decided not to join us for some crazy reason! Actually he isn't joining us because he needs to stay home and work/play softball on the weekend/going out of town with 6 women might not exactly be his idea of a fun vacation. :) Billy and I tried to plan a beach vacation over the summer but it kept falling through so we went to Gatlinburg instead. It was the economical choice and it allowed me to take a week off now for this vacation! It feels weird going on vacation without Billy, but trust me, I'll deal! I will miss him and Laney, but again... I'll deal. Maybe the sand, sun and surf mixed with margaritas will ease my troubles ;)

Speaking of Laney, Billy has taken her to spend the weekend at my MIL's house since he will be away playing softball most of the time. On my way home from work today I was thinking about how excited she would be to see me, but I realized she wouldn't be here. SAD! When I get home from work she is always pumped and wallers around and steps on my feet (weird, I know). Then she'll lay down beside me on the couch and just wag her tail! She's been a part of our little family since a month after we were married, so she just makes it feel like home. When she's away I miss her way too much! We really do treat her like a child and she is spoiled rotten as a result.

Welp, it sounds like Billy may be home so I will wrap it up! Think of me next week lounging in the sand with my toes in the water while you all shiver in this crisp fall weather we're having! Try not to be too jealous! I'll post, hopefully with pictures when I return!


  1. Try not to be jealous? Are you kidding me? I'm super jealous! If you take 65 you will be driving right by here...just saying. (pick me up ::cough, cough::)

  2. so jealous!!!!!!! you did miss a great monday at work though. iseries was down for both frankfort and louisville this morning until 10:30!!! it was fantastic. although not nearly as fantastic as a week at the beach i guess :)

  3. Hope you have a relaxing and fun vacation! I am definitely jealous! Can't wait to see pics...