Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat advisory

So as you can see from the picture, my air conditioner is on fire. Just kidding, it isn't on fire. Actually the opposite, kind of.

Here's the story. We get home around 8:00pm last night and it was hot in our house. Anybody who knows Billy at all knows this was immediately noticed and a major problem! We go to the thermostat and it is 80 degrees. That means the lower level of the house was 80. The upstairs was more like a million. Anyway, we venture to the basement to see what is going on to find out that the furnace has frozen. This happened some last summer too, but we aren't sure why. I went and picked up a new AC filter thinking that would help because it has before. We change the filter and leave the AC off until 10 or so giving it some time to thaw. Meanwhile every fan in the house is on and we are confined to the living room. Oh, and forget about using the stove, dishwasher, etc. So about 10:30 we realize the AC is not working and must still be frozen. We turn it off again and decide to just leave it off all night so we won't do damage that can't be fixed by thawing.

Leaving it off all night seemed like a good idea, but let me tell you, it was one hot night. And not in a good way! ha! We slept on our couch to stay on the lower level, which was sleep-able but not great. Add to that the dog in the middle of the couch and Billy's tendency to kick/punch/do ninja moves in his sleep and the heat. It was a crazy night! I thought once I fell asleep I would be fine, but no. Way hot. All. Night. Of course if I was hot, we all know Billy must have been way more miserable. I won't even go into that! haha

So currently, the AC is still off at the house. We are both at work (I'm blogging at work because I am still trying to cool down so I can concentrate!) and poor Laney is in her crate probably wondering why her mommy and daddy don't love her! If we get home and turn it on and it doesn't start working we are going to assume it is broken and probably go to my MIL's house. We aren't proud! Power outage or AC breaking are both legit excuses to flee to someone's house :) I'll keep you updated on this breaking story.


  1. so i accidentally left a comment as lewis and then what i had wrote wouldn't copy and past. i said something like...oh my gosh I can't imagine how hot you all were. Lewis would of died...he refuses not to use the air all summer, because we are not going to be miserable and hot, as he states it. keep us updated on if/when it gets fixed!!!

  2. We had the EXACT same thing happen here. Sunday night was horrible. We came home and it felt warm. At first we thought it was just were we left the door open for a bit to bring things in but it never cooled off. We checked and it was 80 in here! We had the fans going on full blast and the boys slept in a diaper. ha! Lucky for us the apartment people fixed it the next morning.

  3. Normally your AC freezes if it is working too hard all at once. Like if its hot so you turn it down 10 more degrees. That is why you have to gradually lower the temp. It may be too much on your AC to keep it at 60 degrees on a 100 degree day. :) Love you both and you freeze me to a chilly popsicle!

  4. I love that you have a blog! I am also a blog stalker so this is just wonderful news :)

    Same thing happened at my apartment last summer... like two or three times. It literally felt like hell in here. Not fun!