Thursday, November 5, 2009


I had been saving this post until I could upload my pictures. However, it seems that is just never going to happen so you'll have to use your imagination! A couple days before Halloween, Billy and I carved pumpkins. Mine was a mask type face and his was a vampire getting ready to bite someone. He usually draws his own, but was feeling a little uninspired this year. I digress!

Halloween night we went to Anderson Co to my grandmother's house. Every Halloween we go over to her house, eat chili, play cards and hand out candy. Last year Billy and I stayed home to hand out candy, but decided to go this year. Anyway, as we were leaving I was loading stuff in the back seat of my car and I see this white thing sticking to my car. It's dark outside so I'm not sure if it's a bug or what... so I get closer only to discover that my new-to-me car that I am in love with has been egged! CRAP! I drive that Neon for 6 years and never get egged and I have my car for 8 months and here come the eggs! After saying a few choice words, I drove to a car wash and everything was solved. The hubby and I get home safely and head to bed around 1am after watching some tv.

Cut to Sunday morning. I open the door so the dog can look out only to find that our pumpkins we so lovingly carved 2 days before have been SMASHED to bits in the road! Some punks snuck up on our front porch and stole our pumpkins! I would feel better about it if they stole them and took then home to admire, but NO, they stole them and then immediately smashed them in the road! The scene outside our house looked something like this...

Now I have seen these things happen in the movies and maybe heard about them happening to other people. Just my luck I get not one but two Halloween tricks in the same year! Total bummer. The upside is that I had a good time at my grandmother's house and the pumpkins were good while they lasted! I hope you all had a trick free Halloween!

UPDATE: Here is my pumpkin

And here is Billy's pumpkin.
And here are our masterpieces smashed in the street! OY.


  1. Oh I would have been so mad! Any clue as to who did it? I think next Halloween I would camp out by front door waiting on the little turds! Glad you had fun at your grandma's though!

  2. From Candra... not Jonny!! Signing out of his name now... :)