Thursday, November 19, 2009


I haven't blogged in quite a while... guess you've noticed! Not much has been going on and I've just not felt inspired. I've been trying to think of inspiration all night (well, maybe for just the last 15-20 minutes) and here's what I've come up with - a list of random thoughts!

1. My life would be much easier if: I had a dishwasher that worked, could teleport to work in .5 seconds, or if I could inherit a substantial of money.

2. I am going to see New Moon tomorrow with my SIL, a couple of her friends, and Billy's cousin. I could not be more excited!!! I wish I could take off work and sleep late so the movie time would get here quicker. I won't, I promise.

3. Starbucks has started serving (brewing?) their holiday flavors and they are just as delicious as I remember. Today I had a WHITE chocolate peppermint mocha for the first time and it was a-ma-zing! It tasted much like the regular peppermint mocha, but sweeter. MMM!

4. I am completely ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all things holiday. I have wanted to put up our Christmas decorations for at least a month! The hubs wouldn't allow this crazy behavior, so they still aren't up... but trust me, they're coming! I'll be sure to post pictures because our Christmas decorations are much more impressive than our Halloween decorations.

5. I actually like the "Party in the USA" song by Miley Cyrus. However, I was not too happy about her "Twilight" bashing comments I heard on the radio. She said "I’ve never seen it and nor will I ever." Miley, if a 23 year old woman can jam to your songs, anything is possible.

6. College basketball season has arrived :):):) AND the Cats are looking impressive already! No, they aren't great but I think they will be! If nothing else, they will be fun to watch.

7. I need to diet. Yeah.

8. I want a tattoo. I have always wanted one, but I just have no idea what to get! If it's going to be on my body forever, it's got to be good.

9. Oh... here's a big one... While on vacation to FL in October I found GRAY HAIRS! OMG. I've found some, like one at a time, over the last year or so. I've never found more than one until now. There were so many I could not pull them out!! I had a small freak out, but then moved on. Right now they just make my hair look shimmery in the light! lol I'm just hoping I don't have to start dying my hair at age 25. SHEESH!

10. My dog is probably the best dog you could ever imagine. We've had her since June 2008. We house trained her with a crate which worked amazingly well. Up until I was gone on vacation, she spent the night in her crate and the day while we were away at work in her crate. It broke our hearts to lock her up so much, but attempts to leave her out had resulted in poop on the floor. While I was gone on vacay Billy decided to try leaving her out overnight and she didn't poop! He left her out every night that week with no accidents. Then we tried leaving her out during the day... long story short, she now is crate-free and is also accident-free since mid October! I'm so proud of her! She's so good and such a sweetheart. Best.Dog.Ever. :)

Alright, that's enough! This is getting a wee bit ridiculous! Please excuse this random post in list form because I was too lazy/uninspired to form it into a comprehensive piece. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I'm hoping to start blogging more regularly, but I make no promises!


  1. Ah. I love this post of randomness. Our dishwasher sucks too and I'm thinking about getting a new one. I have never read anything twilight but I might start after Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I cant wait to put up decorations either...t-minus 7 days! And, I wish I had a dog! Thanks for blogging again...I missed you!

  2. Love this post! Ok, so I am the same as you and Rach...I hate my dishwasher. With a passion. And I think we are decorating for Christmas some on Sunday! I hope so anyways. It is certainly time! And I can not wait to see New Moon. I might go this weekend with a friend, but if not I guess I'll go sometime. Ummm, you need to see My Sister's Keeper. I was too shocked to cry, but if I had started crying I could have filled the room with tears. Boo. Anyways, I enjoyed jammin' to Sugar Pie Honey Bunch while writing this. I think I am just rambling on so I can finish listening to this song.... And now on to...How Sweet it is to be Loved by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!