Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our newest addition

I have neglected my blog in the worst way possible.  It's been MONTHS since I've posted!  I know, terrible.  No excuse!  Since I last posted we have added a new fur baby to our family.  Meet Cali...

Her and Laney had a love-hate relationship at first.  Specifically, Cali loved Laney and Laney hated Cali.  For the first week or so Laney seemed to be pretending that Cali didn't exist!  Slowly but surely, Cali has grown on her though and they can frequently be caught doing cute things like this...
We were told Cali is a Yorkie, but now that she's grown up a little bit, it's obvious she is mixed with something.  She is Yorkie-ish and just too cute. 
The day we got her we were trying to think of a name and Billy was sick of playing that game.  He started naming things he saw such as 'mailbox, sign, car.'  Then we were home and the TV was on ESPN.  They happened to be talking about the one and only John Calipari.... and Billy said 'Calipari.'  I suggested Cali and it just stuck.

We are so happy with our two doggies! I can't imagine life without them!

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