Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let the Christmas madness begin!

It seems to me that all things Christmas started much earlier this year than usual.  I started seeing Christmas commercials the day after Halloween!  One of my close friends has already put out most of her decorations and a house down the street is already decked out in full lights.

I should admit that I've jumped on the band wagon of Christmas-ing early.  My decorations aren't up, but I already started trying to get the perfect picture of Laney and Cali for our Christmas cards!  They're going to be cute, so be prepared!

I don't have a picture of last years Christmas card, but we had a picture of Laney on it and the message read "peace, love and pawprints"  I really love sending and getting picture cards so much more than boxed cards.  I even keep all the picture cards we're sent and sit them out the following year before we start getting new ones in the mail!  It is really neat to see how children have grown and families have changed year to year.  Plus, it feels much more personal to me to get a photo card.  Although the family may not write a single word, they sent a picture!  Pictures are so much more fun!

This year I'm using Shutterfly for our cards.  Their designs are beautiful and their prices are reasonable.  Here is a link to their Christmas cards:
Here are some of my favorites, not including the one we will be sending!

I like the next card because it is a folded card so you can still write something.  I know some families include a letter that summarizes happenings for them throughout the year.  Cards such as this one allow for that.  Also, I like that this one has pictures that aren't necessarily 'holiday.'  You could add pictures all throughout the year to share.  That way people can see you and your family as you really are, not just decked out in holiday gear in front of a tree.  (Not that that would be bad either!)

Shutterfly also has great gifts such as wallcalendars and canvas wall art.  Whose grandmother or mother wouldn't love a calendar or wall canvas? 

No matter what kind of card you send, you can't go wrong with photo cards!

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