Friday, April 16, 2010


I haven't really posted in a while, not that anyone probably noticed! Our days are pretty much the same and they all tend to run together. This doesn't make for a good blog! We have had some almost interesting things going on, so I'll highlight those.

About a month ago, Billy and I switched from T-mobile to Sprint and got these snazzy little babies:*swirly fire not included

I am borderline obsessed with this phone! It has apps like the iPhone and it multi-tasks really well. Oh who am I kidding! The only thing I care about is checking Twitter and Facebook 14,029 times a day! It is good for that!

Last Friday, Billy and I traveled to Cincinnati to watch the Reds with some of his family.

We parked at Newport on the Levee and ate at a place called Arnie's. It was really good but way too much food! One thing I noticed is that Newport doesn't have a smoking ban in restaurants and I'd like to say I am not a fan! I had forgotten how gross it is to try to eat while it smells like smoke. At this point, it just seems normal to not have smoking in restaurants so I was a little caught off guard. Any-who! We walked from the Levee to the stadium and let me tell you this was a real deal walk! Walking across the bridge was pretty fun and I stole this picture on the way back of the field at night.
Last night the hubs and I went to the Louisville Bats game. They are actually the AAA team for the Cincinnati Reds. (How's that for a segue!) Last night just happened to be a little thing called Thirsty Thursday! It was packed since it was the first night, but never fear, we'll be returning next time and the next... and the next.

My car has been with my mechanic (who is great, by the way, if you are looking). I have been driving my grandmother's old car that now belongs to my mom. Here's a pic, so you'll get the full story:
I am so thankful I had a car to borrow, but I was missing my car by day one! I remember riding around Frankfort with my grandmother in this car and jammin' to Vince Gill with my grandfather with the windows rolled down waiting on my grandmother outside of JCPenny's. It was nice to take a trip down memory lane, but it wasn't nice to feel like I was driving a tank! Alas, my car is fixed and $400 later it is mine again!

Tomorrow is Thunder Over Louisville to kick-off the Derby celebration! Just don't tell my nephew, Cooper. He believes the fireworks are for his birthday! Too cute! I don't want to be there the day he finds out that the 'largest annual pyrotechnic display in North America' may be a bit over-the-top for one little boy's birthday celebration :) I will not be venturing downtown to watch by the river. I will instead view it on TV or from a friend's house with a view!

Shew, this marathon recap has worn me out! I think I'll go watch a movie on the couch with my honey and beagle!


  1. Oh goodness, Cooper sounds precious!

  2. Awww, I am somehow just seeing this post. You all have been busy lately. Next time you make it to NKY you must stop in...or we can go out to dinner somewhere! I can't believe you live that close to Thunder...kind of weird, huh!? Tell Bub and the dog I said hello! :)