Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go... vols?

Let me preface this post by stating that I bleed blue. I always have, and always will! My husband on the other hand, bleed orange? Pretty sure they don't use that catch phrase, but he is a UT Vols fan. Don't ask me why, I'll never know :) For Christmas I surprised him with tickets to the UT vs FL game in Tennessee. The UK vs UT tickets at UK are ridiculous to try to get, and they don't go on sale until 2/10. Plus, I thought we could make a weekend of it in Knoxville and Billy would get to see the Vols play at home in an SEC game. All the good intentions I had were ruined by the snow storm! This game was on January 31 aka the Sunday after a huge snow storm hit Knoxville. It turned out to be not as bad as they were predicting, but we stayed home on Saturday just in case. So that meant Sunday we drove down and back... lot of quality time in the car! lol

I had only ever been to UK games in Rupp, and let me tell you, the Vols arena was as big as Rupp but no where near as loud! There were a lot of times it was completely silent during play. It felt very strange to this Kentucky girl! The guy sitting beside me provided endless entertainment, however. If I heard "That's MONEY!" once, I heard it a million times! His other faves were "Get it to Prince and let him DO WORK!" along with "GIVE IT TO HIM!" and "This is my favorite line-up." If you were to tell me I was on candid camera, I would believe you! I was cracking up!!

All in all, we had a good time. The Vols won by ONE point! It was a pretty great game... although quiet. Billy was like a kid in a candy store! We have decided to make the trip down once a year to see the Vols play. Sadly, the UK game was only available for season ticket holders. I'm guessing they don't want all of us crazy UK fans buying up all their tickets. You know it would happen! Here are some pics of our TN day.
And here is the picture that will accompany my entry form for wife of the year 2010.
I know, I can't believe it either!! This is Billy's hoodie, I do not own any UT orange. I do cheer for TN now when they aren't playing UK. They're an SEC team, right?! At least it's not Louisville :)


  1. GO VOLS! You are such a good wife! I hope next year you get to make a weekend out of it. :)

  2. How sweet of you. I bet Billy was in heaven! Totally worth it since i know he watches all the UK games with you!! Glad you all had fun and made it home safely! :)